What is the Primate Portal?

Welcome to the Primate Portal!

The Primate Portal provides an overview of resources and information for investigators interested in transitioning to research involving nonhuman primates.

Within the Portal you will find information for identifying animal models and finding funding opportunities, research labs and facilities, animal colonies and potential collaborators. The Portal also provides access to database searching, scientific literature, current events news and a calendar of meetings.

The Portal can be customized by the user using a feature called the portlet. A portlet works like a small page-within-a-page, showing a fragment of a full resource, with a link to the full resource. Multiple portlets can appear on a single page, allowing you to view multiple resources at one time. Portlets are typically used to view updates to favorite resources, RSS feeds and web pages. Portlets can be rearranged on the page by the user by clicking and dragging. You can start by dragging desired portlets from the list on the right onto this page.

We welcome all feedback about the Portal, especially regarding any new resources or research areas you would like to see covered.